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Other services


For most people in Texas, mosquitoes leave only itchy red bumps. Although rare in the U.S., mosquitoes can cause sickness and death through the diseases they can carry.  Apart from disease, mosquitoes also cause nuisance problems for home owners and ruin recreational activities in your back yard. Take back what’s yours with Domain’s seasonal mosquito service.

Mosquito & Tick Treatment
Speciality Pests
$75 monthly

  • Inspect Yard for Potential Breeding Areas – Pooled water, old tires, kiddy pools, garbage cans
  • Eliminate water sources and or treat immobile sources with larvicide to stop development of future sites.
  • Treat area to reduce population of adult mosquitos. (70-80% reduction)
  • Monthly treatments are recommended to defend persistent invaders.
  • Free Re-services



Fleas & Ticks


Live Traps


Two small American raccoons caught in a live trap in a homeowners back yard


wild young fox on the farm caught in a box trap


Groundhog (Marmota monax) also known as a Woodchuck caught in a live trap



  • Live Trap and Relocate               from $199
  • Aphid & Snail Warranty                from $15 qrt
  • Flea & Tick Indoor                        from $99
  • Rats & Mice Outdoor                   from $15 qrt
  • Exclusion methods to prevent future invaders. Ask for a quote.
  • Weep Holes (steel or copper mesh)  from $99 

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