The Cockroach is where most people draw the line. Cockroaches are not the most sanitary insect as they feed on garbage, breed in sewage drains and leave discharge all over your kitchen and bathrooms. Current research shows that asthma and other allergies can be aggravated by the presence of cockroaches. Cockroaches produce a protein that can cause an allergic reaction in many people. Their saliva, waste, skin shed and even the dead Cockroaches of their colonies can all be triggers.


Color & Shape: Reddish Brown in Color, up to 2 inches long.

Habits: American cockroaches are found in residence and even more common in larger commercial buildings such as restaurants, preparation areas, and basements.

During summer months, they can be found outdoors in yards and alleys and will often find their way into the garage. Frequently they enter structures by coming up from the sewer system, drains, or occasional mass migration from other structures, dumps, etc., during shift in weather.


Fact: A single brown-banded female cockroach has the potential to produce about 250 offspring!

Habits: Brown banded cockroaches are found throughout structures but show a preferences for warmer areas, over 80 F (27C).

They find their way into ceilings closets and furniture or anything that produces heat such as appliance motors and in light switches.


A.K.A. the water bug.

The Oriental Cockroach lives in the lower regions of structures that are a bit cooler such as basements, crawl spaces or occasional the garage.


One of the most prevalent roaches in Texas, the German Cockroach.

German Cockroaches are small, brown and tend to get into our kitchens and bathrooms. One female German cockroach can reproduce over ½ million in one year and require several treatments to resolve infestations.